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Marion Lane Candles

2827 SW 29th St.
Topeka  Kansas  66614
United States
(785) 357-4500
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Lisa Waterman Gray
This family-owned shop sells a rainbow of scented candles and lets visitors peek into the workroom producing these natural wax beauties.

Marion Lane Candles is a crowded, fun place to shop, filled with dozens of colors and scents. Using wax made from natural ingredients, hand-poured premium SoyFlower candles are the hallmark of this small business.

There are many startlingly accurate scents to choose from. Storm Front smells like the air just before rain hits, Roasted Hazelnut captures the aroma of freshly roasted nuts, and Country Breeze calls to mind a sunny spring day. The Macintosh Apple features bright red wax with a sweet fruity smell, and the deep purple Lavender is flowery and fragrant. Ever wondered what Imagine, Meditation, or Peace, Love & Harmony smell like? You can find out here. For the duffers on your gift list, there’s even a candle called In the Fairway that recalls the essence of a golf course.

The brilliant hues are particularly noticeable among the flowerpot votives ($3.95 each) filling large glass apothecary jars atop a crowded table. The longer-lasting 14-ounce jar candles cost $14.99 apiece. Customers who don’t use scented candles can browse a selection of additional gift items, including imported dresses in natural fabrics and massive umbrellas decorated with scenes of nature. 

June 7, 2013

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