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Glacial Hills Scenic Byway

Kansas Department of Transportation
700 SW. Harrison St.
Topeka  Kansas  66603
United States
(800) 684-6966
(785) 608-8801
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Midwest Living Review

Kit Bernardi
The Glacial Hills Scenic Byway (Route 7) winds through farmlands, rolling hills and valleys past Lewis and Clark sites and nature preserves.

Glacial Hills Scenic Byway (Route 7) connects White Cloud to Leavenworth via rolling hills, rock-strewn valleys and flatlands created by receding glaciers. Passing through Kansas counties Doniphan, Atchison and Leavenworth, you'll be traveling in the footsteps of explorers Lewis and Clark whose trail is marked along the way at historic sites. Nature-lovers plot their journeys, allowing time to fish, hike, bird-watch and boat in protected preserves, including the Atchison State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area, Benedictine Bottoms Wildlife Area, and the Leavenworth State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area.It feels like the Wild West along this route. We drive past sprawling farmlands dotted with 18th century fieldstone-frame barns and an occasional stone-fenced, tottering tombstone cemetery. In fall, rolled golden hay punctuates the dark dirt harvested fields. Crossroads are few and gas stations sparse. Out here, you'll see more cattle than cars where cell service is spotty (we lost a signal between Atchison and Leavenworth).

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