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The Cozy Inn

108 N. 7th St.
Salina  Kansas  67401
United States
(785) 825-2699
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Annette Thompson
Made the same way for almost 90 years, the sliders at the Cozy Inn pack a big taste with a side dish of Americana.

Bet you can't eat just one. The four-bite sliders grilled at the Cozy Inn in Salina may not look like much, but the beef and onion flavor has kept generations of burger lovers coming back for sacks full. Made exactly the same way for almost 90 years, the burgers are the only menu item in this diminutive diner. Six small, white porcelain stools serve as a spot to perch while the cook creates the little wonders. The same wooden counter and shelves line the single room just as they have since the 1920s. Before you can decide which soda pop and chips you want (no fries available), your hot, freshly cooked burgers come sliding across the counter. Gourmet topping lovers need not come here. The Cozy sports only diced, sauteed onions and a pickle slice pillowed between soft buns. Mustard and ketchup bottles dot the counter for those needing to sauce up the small, thin beef patties: They're no bigger than a dollar bill folded in half. And a sign on the wall declares "No cheese! Not even if you ask nice." However, these tiny burgers come with a tiny price: $0.75 per burger or $5.52 for six burgers, a bag of chips and a soda pop. One modern convenience has come to the Cozy, though. A small drive-up window lets you grab a bag and roll on down the road. That's a great reason to drive through Salinas.

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