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Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area Exhibit

200 W 9th St.
Lawrence  Kansas  66044
United States
(785) 856-3040
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Midwest Living Review

Kit Bernardi
The What is Freedom? exhibit chronicles Kansas's 150 years of statehood and explores what it means in America to be free.

The 31,000-square-mile Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area permanent exhibit "What is Freedom?" in the Andrew Carnegie Library shows how Kansas has always been at the forefront of defining freedom for our nation. Compared to the "edutainment" exhibits kids have come to expect, admittedly plaque-heavy "What is Freedom?" is a book on the wall. But it's hardly a yawner. Visitors engage their brains (not their fingertips) exploring the American identity defined by our nation's evolving explanation of freedom. In an adjacent room, mini exhibits delve deeper into Kansas's political and cultural freedom-defining events. The free exhibit's photos, maps and historical event synopses makes you think about the answer to the emotionally loaded freedom question. The question is as relevant today as it was on the eve of the Civil War when Kansas Jayhawkers and Missouri Bushwackers fought border wars over slavery; when Kansas homesteaders settled in Native American lands; and when in 1953, the U.S. Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka landmark decision ended school segregation and ushered in the civil rights movement. Learn more from the exhibit's web site videos. The Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area, part of the National Park Services' Network to Freedom program, incorporates 93 participating Kansas counties.

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