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315 S. Sycamore
Greensburg  Kansas  67054
United States
(620) 723-4102
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Amity Moore
Greensburg has rebounded from a devastating F-5 tornado as a model of green, sustainable living that other towns and cities would do well to emulate.

After an F-5 tornado flattened 95 percent of Greensburg on May 4, 2007, already known for its Big Well, the town (population: 850) has become famous for its green initiatives. Though local restaurants have yet to embrace organic, sustainable food practices, the rest of Greensburg has evolved into a model of green, sustainable living. A wind farm supplies 100 percent of the town's electricity; individual business, such as the BTI-Greensburg John Deere Dealership and the Best Western Night Watchman, have installed their own wind towers for supplemental energy. Tours ($5) of the Silo Eco-Home reveal how ecofriendly and functional residences can be. And for less than $110, people can spend the night in the home to see what green living is truly like with dual-flush toilets, an organic mattress and LED lighting. It's a novel concept, as long as you realize that you might wake up to a tour upstairs and administrators at their desk by the kitchen. A cell phone audio tour takes visitors on a self-guided tour of the town's history and its green resurrection into America's first all-sustainable city. Theirs is a stunning story of hope, perseverance and patience that has been told through the numerous LEED-certified city buildings, businesses, hospital, Big Well Museum, 5.4.7 Arts Center and residences. On the practical side, you'll find a handful of passable restaurants and a restored soda fountain.

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