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Blanc Burgers and Bottles

10583 Mission Rd
Leawood  Kansas  66206
United States
(913) 381-4500
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Kristin Schmitt
This gourmet burger eatery may bring a few traditionalists out of their comfort zone.

Blanc Burgers and Bottles is an experience in gourmet burgers. This spot isn't for the burger traditionalist, but rather for the foodie who likes to branch out and enjoy an unusual creation. Located in a trendy, upscale suburban development, Blanc offers a vibrant, casual setting, a perfect place for friends and coworkers to meet. At the heart of these creations-on-an-artisanal-bun is premium beef (or in some cases pork, turkey or even mahimahi) cooked to order, and served fresh, hot and juicy-moist. The gourmet aspect comes from the toppings or stuffings. For the meat lover, the $100 Burger ($15) is filled with red-wine-braised short ribs; for the cheese lover, there's the Inside Out ($10) stuffed with blue cheese. Swiss, Berkshire ham and a fried egg top The Barnyard ($11), and healthful baby spinach, avocado and tomato accompany the turkey burger ($8). With tasty sweet potato fries, lightly beer-battered onion rings or a sampling of salads to add on the side a la carte, Blanc offers a full dining experience in a casual atmosphere. The price point is upscale yet in line with the upscale ingredients. If you're hankering for a traditional hunk of Angus pulled straight off the grill, keep driving. If you like to explore food creations and want to start with a premium burger, this is the stop for you.

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