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Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum

321 N. Broadway
Abilene  Kansas  67410
United States
(785) 263-9882
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Midwest Living Review

Kit Bernardi
History buffs will enjoy a quick visit to this free photography studio chronicling 100 years of Dickinson County history.

Located in a storefront across from Bankes Drug Store, the 1925 photography shop, darkroom and studio showcases three generations of Jeffcoat family photographers' work. Camera equipment and vintage promotional materials trace film photography's history before the days of digital. View the original darkroom and walk through the studio outfitted with the 1925 bellows Century No. 7 camera used by all the Jeffcoat family photographers. Temporary exhibits change three times a year. Portraits and event photographs are visual time capsules: Hometown hero President Eisenhower waves to crowds after disembarking from the Union Pacific train arriving in Abilene. Yearbook photos of fresh-faced teens with crew cuts and bobbed hairdos smile back from yellowed pages. Decades of Abilene family portraits show dad in a Nehru jacket, mom with Cat Woman glasses, brother with lamb-chop sideburns and sister donning hip-hugger bell bottoms. Admission is free. It's open Thursdays through Saturdays during the summer; during the rest of the year, it's open on Monday, Tuesday and by appointment.

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