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Greyhound Hall of Fame

407 S. Buckeye
Abilene  Kansas  67410
United States
(800) 932-7881
(785) 263-3000
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Midwest Living Review

Kit Bernardi
Learn about this speedy hound's long history, from Egyptian hunting dogs to today's canine athletes.

All dog-lovers should stop in at the free Greyhound Hall of Fame just to pet resident greyhounds always lookin' for lovin'. And, even if you are not a dog racing fan, the small but dense exhibits are interesting because they explain how greyhounds are bred, as well as the sport's 400-year history. The 10-minute film is a good overview of all things greyhound. Kids like pressing the buttons on the model track that re-creates a race scenario. In real races, greyhounds have been clocked up to 45 mph! Corresponding videos explain dog training and race rules. The rest of the galleries showcase famous dog-and-owner pairs, memorabilia, hound art and greyhound race tracks across the United States. For 100 years, Abilene has been home to the national registry for racing greyhounds. The Greyhound Hall of Fame keeps the stud book. Depending on how long you pet the greeter dogs, the museum is doable in 30 minutes (donations appreciated). If you want to see a greyhound race at the Abilene track, check with the front desk about a schedule or contact the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau (800/569-5915;

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