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I-80 Wine Trail

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Laura Billingsley
Though not a traditional wine trail, this collection of wineries provides some nice stops during a journey across Iowa.

The I-80 Wine Trail offers some interesting alternatives to the usual interstate food and drink options, as well as the chance to take in a little bit of Iowa’s natural scenery. Many of the wineries are on family farms, where grapevines make lovely additions to the rural landscape. In contrast, Jasper Winery and Brick Arch Winery are in towns, providing a different atmosphere and proximity to other services.

Each winery has a distinctive personality, and many host live entertainment on summer weekends. This is often the best time to visit; the combination of live music, sunny Iowa countryside, snacks and a bottle of chilled white is hard to beat. Owner-hosted tours are available at Danish Countryside Vines and Wines; Jasper Winery and Fireside Winery serve the best food; and Breezy Hills and Brick Arch give off a down-home vibe. Both Dale and Penoach provide summer wine and entertainment in a fun country setting.

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