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Honey Creek Creamery

25593 Old Lincoln Hwy.
Honey Creek  Iowa  51542
United States
(402) 549-5111
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    - Theresa Farrage
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    - Theresa Farrage

Midwest Living Review

Theresa Farrage
Honey Creek Creamery is a certified goat dairy farm nestled along the Loess Hills.

Five dollars per family will buy you a lot of interesting and unusual experiences on the Honey Creek Creamery, just a short drive from Omaha, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Want to milk a goat? How about sampling fresh chevre? Honey Creek Creamery offers it all. Along Old Lincoln Highway, the creamery sits in a historic 100-year-old red bunkhouse with white double doors. Outside the bunkhouse, goats galore run about, eating hay and making cute little bleating noises. If you feel up to the challenge, you can milk a goat named Rosie. This one-of-a-kind experience defines life on the farms of the Loess Hills (and we were surprised by how easy it was to learn!). After that, enjoy a tour of the facility. The owner will show you how to take the milk and turn it into tasty cheese. After she gives her educational lecture, you can sample the fine artisan cheeses that are a staple of Honey Creek Creamery. There is a variety of cheeses available, including Mediterranean chevre with peppercorns and dill chevre. Although this creamery is only open to guests every third Saturday, June through October, guests can also schedule a visit appointment for other times.

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