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Fong's Pizza

223 4th St.
Des Moines  Iowa  50309
United States
(515) 323-3333
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Midwest Living Review

Jess Hoffert
Asian-inspired pizzas and punchy tiki drinks draw a young crowd to this funky spot in downtown Des Moines.

Fong's Pizza opened in 2009 in the former home of King-Ying-Low, Des Moines' oldest Chinese restaurant. What was originally intended to be a typical pizzeria has since evolved into a funky spot serving Italian- and Chinese-inspired pizzas and appetizers.

The restaurant is tiny and gets packed quickly, especially on weekend evenings when the young adult crowd takes over. Lunchtime is less busy and offers a popular pizza-by-the-slice deal. At $2.75 a pop, the price is right, even though the crusts sometimes don’t hold up after sitting under heat lamps.

One of Fong’s best signature pizzas is the Crab Rangoon, starring crispy egg roll strips and sweet chili sauce atop a smooth crab Rangoon base ($11.99 for the small, $18.99 for the large). Though the somewhat ordinary crust doesn't quite measure up to the caliber of the toppings, we also love the Iowan for its tangy barbecue sauce, corn, Canadian bacon, bacon and pork. Feeling adventurous? Try one of the punchy tiki drinks. With a sweet blend of Smirnoff Vanilla, amaretto, Dr. Pepper and grenadine, the Dr. Fong ($5.99) makes a smooth ending to any meal.

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