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Sykora Bakery

73 16th Ave., SW
Cedar Rapids  Iowa  52404
United States
(319) 364-5271
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Midwest Living Review

Try kolaches—pastries with fruit, poppyseed or cream cheese filling—at this historic Czech bakery in the heart of the Czech Village.

Our biggest problem at Sykora Bakery was deciding what kind of kolache to order. Fruit, poppyseed or cream cheese? Other Czech pastries also tempted—including houska, rohlik and babovka— but we decided on a kolache with a cream cheese filling. The woman who served us was happy to describe all the different pastries and fillings, answering questions she must be asked dozens of times a day.

Located in an old, white clapboard building, Sykora also sells rolls, breads, cakes, and a variety of Czech treats and gifts. A few tables dot the floor, and the front of an old baking oven spans the length of one wall. To commemorate the flood of 2008, a 31-foot watermark is painted on the walls. 

June 13, 2012

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