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Brunnier Art Museum

290 Scheman Building
Ames  Iowa  50011
United States
(515) 294-3342
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Midwest Living Review

Laura Billingsley
This small but enchanting museum pays tribute to the decorative arts with an extensive glass collection.

Iowa State University has the largest collection of on-campus public art in the United States, and a large portion of it is on display in the Brunnier Art Museum. Located in the nondescript concrete Scheman Building, the museum is a lovely surprise amid a campus arts and entertainment sector that also includes the Stephens Auditorium and Hilton Coliseum. Most of the art holdings are part of the university's permanent collection; exhibits are usually rotated once a semester.

The museum was founded with private donations from Henry and Ann Brunnier, who amassed a sizeable glass collection demonstrating the evolution of the medium. At the entrance, a display of cut glass from 1876 to 1914 sparkles like diamonds. Farther in, a grouping of works by N. C. Wyeth is another major draw, with pieces depicting significant scenes from American history. Several striking Grant Wood prints reflecting rural Iowa life also hang in the museum.

Admission is free, but a $3 donation is suggested. 

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