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The Ronneburg Restaurant

4408 220th Trail
Amana  Iowa  52203
United States
(319) 622-3641
(888) 348-4686
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Midwest Living Review

Laura Billingsley
Feast on traditional German dishes in an atmosphere as quaint and old-fashioned as Grandma's kitchen.

At The Ronneburg, indulging is mandatory. The food comes either as single portions or family style, where you and your companions share side dishes of potatoes, green veggies and sauerkraut. If you aren't looking for some old-style German comfort food (or you're a health food devotee), you might want to skip this restaurant. But if wiener schnitzel with spaetzle and sauerbraten with potato dumplings sound like heaven, The Ronneburg (named for a medieval German fortress) will not disappoint. The wiener schnitzel comes with a thin and crispy breading on the outside of the veal and has a rich taste. The accompanying spaetzle doesn't have much flavor but is a carby, traditional foil to the meat. When ordering family style, the side dishes are plentiful and refilled promptly. The meal begins with cottage cheese with chives, bread with spinach spread, coleslaw and pickled beets. More sides arrive with your entree: skillet-fried potatoes with gravy, green beans and sauerkraut. Everything is tasty, but a bit salty. Servers dressed in traditional German garb add to the friendly atmosphere, as do the antiques and old photos lining the walls. The restaurant serves wine and beer, including local selections. Most family-style dishes are $15.95 per person, while the smaller platter meals and sandwiches range from about $7 to $16.

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