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Colony Way Trail (Kolonieweg)

Amana  Iowa  52203
United States
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Midwest Living Review

Laura Billingsley
This 3.1-mile loop trail is an easy and pleasant walk (or bike ride) with views of the peaceful Lily Lake.

Built in 1998, the Colony Way Trail, or Kolonieweg, connects the villages of Amana and Middle Amana with a gentle and mostly scenic route. The trail is mainly asphalt, though it turns into crushed limestone along the southern edge. In good weather, you'll encounter a few other people on the trail, mainly locals out for a bike ride, a jog or some exercise for their dogs. The 3.1 miles are generally flat, making it an easy route for walkers and bikers of most skill levels. (And for visitors, it's a great way to burn off the heavy German food you're likely eating in the Amana Colonies!) The most scenic portion of the trail is the route along the east and south sides of the lake, where you'll see wildflowers and pass through small groves of trees. There are also nice views of the Lily Lake, which is covered in green American lotus water lily pads for most for the year. In summer, the lake explodes into color as the white and yellow lilies bloom. Wildlife along the trail includes ducks, geese and herons, as well as many butterflies in summer and fall. After you pass the southernmost part of the trail and turn north, the trail isn't as picturesque but is still an agreeable walk. You'll pass the Amana appliances plant and move through a residential area before emerging next to the road. The trail passes a school and farm fields before arriving at a parking area at the northernmost tip.

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