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Amana General Store and Christmas Room

4423 220th Trail
Amana  Iowa  52203
United States
(319) 622-7650
(800) 418-8318
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Laura Billingsley
This store within a store overflows year-round with enough tinsel, trees, baubles and candy canes to satisfy the most ardent holiday fan.

Visiting The Christmas Room is like walking smack into a holiday. It occupies a snug series of rooms inside the Amana General Store (a fairly typical gift shop), and the close quarters and abundance of merchandise makes it feel like walking through a wonderland of color and lights. Decorated trees share space with bins of gingerbread men and garlands of imitation icicles. Shelves of mittens and wreaths compete for attention with clusters of ceramic snowmen, Nativity sets and evergreen-scented candles. If you like holiday decor, it might be hard to drag yourself away from this festival of all things Christmas.

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