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South Bend Farmers Market

1105 Northside Blvd.
South Bend  Indiana  46615
United States
(574) 282-1259
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Kim Ranegar
Local farmers, artisans and vendors shine at a year-round market and cafe.

Though the outside of the South Bend Farmers Market looks like a shabby pole barn, the inside is filled with local bounty that looks great, smells great and makes you feel great because you're buying local. Yet the South Bend Farmers Market is not run out of tailgates and ice chests. Because it's year-round and enclosed, the vendors work from established stalls where you can purchase a variety of meats, cheeses, eggs, produce and more. Naturally, you'd expect some changes with the seasons. During our October visit, we found fresh flowers and bedding plants; corn- and grain-fed turkey, chicken, duck and rabbits; fresh lamb and seafood. Seasonal produce is a mainstay, as are pastries (Hungarian, traditional, diabetic and more), honeys, candy and roasted nuts. The nearby D'Avella Family Winery offers an assortment of local vintages. Some of the more unusual items include a complete stand dedicated to birds, with food, feeders and more. A specialty spice stand has many options, from cinnamon to fenugreek, which you can buy in small quantities. The outdoor courtyard, open in the summer, might be a good spot to find that unusual plant or posy. Located in the center of the market, the cafe serves delicious dishes prepared from seasonal produce and fresh meats and cheeses in a setting that looks like an old-fashioned diner. Swiss steak and homemade cakes and pies are among the favorites. The market is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday (and Friday from May to September) and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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