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Scott Shafer Stoneware

610 N. Morton Ave.
Centerville  Indiana  47330
United States
(765) 855-2409
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Damaine Vonada
Scott Shafer makes hand-thrown, functional pottery in eastern Indiana.

While Centerville, Indiana, is a favorite destination for antiques lovers, folks who appreciate watching a true artisan at work should stop by another of the town's attractions, Scott Shafer Stoneware. Shafer, who has been making pottery for some 40 years, works in a combination studio and gallery behind his home, and visitors usually will find him quietly working away at his potter's wheel. A true artisan, he hand throws every piece he makes and also mixes his own clays and glazes. Shafer even built his own wood-fired kiln. Designed with muted colors and simple shapes, these functional wares not only are lead-free but also ovenproof and microwave safe. Although you never know what items Shafer will have for sale in the gallery (mugs, dinner plates, pie plates, vases and jugs are all possibilities), it's worth a stop. Prices range from $16 for a mug to $400 for a large garden vase.

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