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Santa's Candy Castle

15499 N. State Road 245
Santa Claus  Indiana  47579
United States
(812) 544-3900
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Jamie Bartosch
Specialty chocolates, candy canes, fun souvenirs and the coveted frozen hot chocolate make this a delightful stop for kids and adults.

From the outside, Santa's Candy Castle looks like a one-story red mini castle. Closer up, you enter into a life-size Santa Claus with fake wrapped presents in the lobby. Once inside, you have two options. The first is a computer room for kids. The kid-friendly stations are a way for kids to have direct communication with Santa. For $6.99, kids take a computerized quiz to determine if they are on Santa's good or naughty list. (Surprisingly, they are all good). Afterward, they get a laminated certificate saying so. The second room is packed with candy and souvenirs. Picture every flavor of candy canes, including one stuffed with bubble gum! Here, you can also get some frozen hot chocolate. Prepare yourself. This decadent, rich-tasting treat topped with whip cream is comparable to a chocolate smoothie -- only 10 times better. The candy shop walls are lined with Christmas ornaments and trinkets, as well as a candy area for kids with goofy treats like white candy packaged as "snowman poop."

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