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Pepper's Ridge Winery

4304 N. County Rd. 200 W
Rockport  Indiana  47635
United States
(812) 649-9463
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Midwest Living Review

Amy Lynch
This Hoosier Wine Trail member bottles a selection of sweet fruit wines in rural southern Indiana.

Located down a rough gravel lane amid rural southern Indiana farmland just a few miles from the Ohio River, Pepper’s Ridge Winery opened its doors for business in August 2012. The sparsely furnished tasting room is a little tricky to get to but rewards visitors who find it with a casual rec room atmosphere that features modern concrete floors and fun details like a full-size canoe hanging behind the redbrick tasting bar. A pretty little covered patio off to the side offers peaceful natural views of trees and an expanse of lawn.

Tastings are free; guests can also purchase a glass of their favorite wine for $5, or a wine slushy for $7. Bottles range from $11 to $18. Pepper’s Ridge gravitates toward the sweet end of the spectrum, mostly fruit-based flavors like peach, plum, cranberry, apple, pear, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and elderberry (the vintners source heavily from local orchards and farmers). There are a few dry options, but most are still too young to have developed much depth.


October 14, 2012

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