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Veach's Toy Store

715 E. Main St.
Richmond  Indiana  47374
United States
(765) 962-5761
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Damaine Vonada
Veach's Toy Store sells amazing toys that run on brains, not batteries.

If you dread having to sift through the inane -- and sometimes insane -- toys at big box and chain stores, then Veach's Toy Store in downtown Richmond, Indiana, might appeal to you. The Veach family has been in business for more than 70 years, and their spacious, crayon-colored store is chock-full of creative and innovative toys that run on brains instead of batteries. Veach's phenomenal selection includes retro Hula-Hoops from the 1950s; beautifully crafted and expressive puppets; classic paper dolls with their own wardrobes; toy soldiers from ancient to modern times; a menagerie of stuffed animals from cuddly teddies to life-size lions; aisles of books, crafts and educational aids; and all manner of hats, capes and costumes for make-believe. The mezzanine holds an amazing trove of model trains; the basement is devoted to kid-size furniture and ride-on toys like tricycles, scooters and classic little red wagons. Located in a double-storefront on Richmond's pretty Main Street, this is a must-see.

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