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Clifty Inn

Clifty Falls State Park
2221 Clifty Dr.
Madison  Indiana  47250
United States
(812) 265-4135
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    - Kendra Williams

Midwest Living Review

This recently refurbished hotel in Clifty Falls State Park is a solid option for people eager to explore the park.

You'll get all the standard amenities at this inn (such as indoor and outdoor pools) plus an entire state park outside the front door and your window. Rooms start at $89. The experience is a bit of a mixed bag, but if you know the best parts to seek out, you'll enjoy it.The local power plant towers behind the inn, blinking like a beacon in the darkness when we arrived at night. It would have been quite jarring had a local not warned us that our "river view" room we'd paid extra for would actually be a "power plant view" room, and she was right. The room itself was comfortable but even after a renovation, the linens weren't quite as plush, the pillows not quite as plentiful, the mattress not as good as what travelers would expect to find at recently renovated boutique hotels. Our tip: Save some money and stay in a room by the pool.The porch near the dining room has the inn's best view because architects angled it to look east along the Ohio River, which is a pretty expanse. It is a lovely spot to take the morning paper; sit on one of the dozens of rocking chairs there and soak in the view. A good breakfast starts at 8, which seems a little late. The service was friendly and prompt, and the prices aren't too outlandish for being a hotel breakfast. Our bill, for French toast and bacon, plus eggs, toast and ham, came to $20 with tip. The dining room, which would hold a couple hundred people, also had a wall of windows facing that east river view. It's a great place to fuel up for a morning of hiking, especially if you choose the trails along the park's northern end.

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