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Scottish Rite Cathedral

650 North Meridian St.
Indianapolis  Indiana  46204
United States
(317) 262-3100
(800) 489-3579
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    - Judi Ketteler
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    - Judi Ketteler
Free for individuals to tour; if groups of 10 or more want to schedule a tour, there is a small fee for each person.

Midwest Living Review

Tour an architectural gem and learn about the history of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Indianapolis' Scottish Rite Cathedral is touted as being the largest, most elaborately constructed building in the world dedicated to exclusively to Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite may be a secret society, but the building is completely open to the public for tours. Guides do an excellent job explaining some of the basics about Freemasonry and the meanings of the many symbols throughout the building.The cathedral was completed in 1929. The Gothic-style tower is the first thing that catches your eye (it's 212 feet tall and has 54 bells that range from 19 pounds to more than 11,000 pounds). Once inside, you'll get a peek inside the Tiler's room, with a beautiful marble floor and walls made of polished marble travertine and intricately carved oak. As with everything related to Freemasonry, the number 33 is an important symbol, so the room is a perfect 33-foot cube. In the members' lounge, you can see the 33 pieces of art glass, each depicting a different theme important for Freemasons (such as music, technology, learning, etc.). The tour also takes you through the various meeting rooms (where the Scottish Rite members gather), the ornate auditorium (where the members watch the plays or "degrees" that allow them to move on to the next level of Freemasonry), as well as the spaces where the public is invited (and can rent), such as the ballroom. Even if you don't know anything about the Scottish Rite or Freemasonry, this building is worth touring, just for its architectural beauty.

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