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Indianapolis Zoo

1200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis  Indiana  46222
United States
(317) 630-2001
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Midwest Living Review

This hands-on zoo experience will delight plant-lovers and butterfly enthusiasts as well.

The Indianapolis Zoo is a must-see for animal- and plant-lovers alike. Located in Indianapolis's White River State Park, the zoo is filled with endless winding garden paths, a diverse and plentiful variety of blooming flowers, and lots of green space and park benches. All of this leads to the animals, which of course take center stage in this urban zoo. Animal-lovers will want to go early in the day when the inhabitants are most active. The zoo is known for its dolphin habitat, a glass gazebo where dolphins swim all around you. Similarly, at the penguin display, the glass floor lets you watch the penguins swim below your feet. Kids will love petting the dog shark in a shallow pool and an opportunity to help the zookeepers wash elephants. Other notable animals include Alaskan brown bear cubs, sea lions and huge walruses. The zoo's new, 20,000 square foot conservation exhibit Cheetahs: The Race for Survival recreates a natural savanah habitat where five cheetahs roam freely and visitors view them from a protected nature path. Compare your running speed to the fast cat (cheetahs run 70 miles an hour) at the Race-a-Cheetah simulated LED-light track (.50 cent fee charged goes to the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia). The entire zoo takes about two hours to get through. Admission charged.

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