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Chatterbox Jazz Club

435 Massachusetts Ave.
Indianapolis  Indiana  46204
United States
(317) 636-0584
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    - Kendra Williams

Midwest Living Review

This intimate, downtown Indy jazz club offers an inexpensive venue to take in some fine music and conversation with friends.

Chatterbox Jazz Club is an intimate tavern that's offered live jazz for more than a quarter century. When we say intimate, that's what we mean--it holds not many more than a dozen people, and musicians play on a tiny stage fit into the storefront window. What the club lacks in size, it makes up for in inexpensive jazz music. Each Wednesday, you can expect to hear the sounds of the Jesse Wittman Trio for free. The jazz is free on Thursday nights, too. If the weather's not too chilly, they prop open the doors open so you can sit outside at tables with heat lamps. Enjoy the music while taking in the sights of downtown Indy.

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