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Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

5646 E. Washington St.
Indianapolis  Indiana  46219
United States
401 Market Plaza
Greenwood  Indiana  46142
United States
(317) 356-6612
(317) 883-8993
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Midwest Living Review

Ashley Petry
Located in the up-and-coming Irvington neighborhood, this popular eatery has a creative menu but not the most memorable pizza.

Opened in 2007 by Irvington locals, Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza is a cornerstone of this emerging eastside Indianapolis neighborhood. The pizzeria is low-key and family-friendly, with easy-to-clean cement floors and efficient service. Local artwork (much of it for sale) hangs on the walls.

Jockamo is known for its creative menu, featuring cleverly named pizzas like the Cheese Louise and the Slaughterhouse Five with five different meats (named in honor of Indy writer Kurt Vonnegut's most famous book). Locals also rave about creative flavors on the Creole, Thai Chicken and Caliente pies. Prices for these gourmet pizzas run $9 to $10 for a 10-inch, up to $19 to $21 for a large 16-inch.

Unfortunately, the pizzas don't live up to the hype. The thin crusts are made from scratch in-house, but the crackerlike texture is reminiscent of frozen varieties. Toppings are cooked well and distributed generously, sometimes so generously that the flavors get muddled. Breadsticks are also disappointing, tasting more like hot dog buns than the chewy artisanal versions available at other local eateries.

Bottom line? Jockamo is an important fixture in the Irvington community, and for locals, it’s a cherished gathering spot. Tourists, however, will probably prefer one of Indy's many other fine pizzerias.

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