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Georgetown Market The Market Eatery

4375 Georgetown Rd.
Indianapolis  Indiana  46254
United States
(317) 293-9525 x112
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Midwest Living Review

Danny Lee
Healthy order-at-the-counter food to counter bad fast-food habits.

Georgetown Market is a sort of one-stop destination for all your health food and healthy lifestyle needs. The menu has one burger, a low-fat bison burger. While you're there you can stock up on natural foods, pick up some healthy recipes, and maybe learn about a practitioners of reiki, rejuvenation, or energy work therapies, if that's what you're looking for to go with your burger. But if you're just there for a quick bite, you won't go far wrong with their Buffalo Burger ($6.99), a 1/3 pound all-bison-meat patty grilled (not char-grilled) with onions, cheese, and mushrooms on an organic whole-wheat bun. It also comes with some unimpressive lettuce and tomato, but that didn't matter a bit because the bison meat is juicy and delicious all on its own. The Market pledges in writing that its meats "will be natural and chemical, color, and preservative free," and that everything else, dairy, grain, or vegetable, will be organic or RbGH free. The Buffalo Burger we had was excellent. The bad news is that you have to get it to go or perch in a small eating area off in a corner overlooking the parking lot, a couple of auto parts stores, a car wash, a furniture store and traffic on a busy urban street. But if you're passing through on I-65 on the northwest side of Indianapolis, the Buffalo Burger is worth quick jaunt in for a bite.

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