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Chatham Tap Restaurant & Pub

719 Massachusetts Ave.
Indianapolis  Indiana  46204
United States
(317) 917-8425
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Midwest Living Review

Danny Lee
An English-pub style bar with lots of flavor in its decor, not so much in its burgers.

Located in Indy's growing Mass Ave. arts district, Chatham Tap Restaurant & Pub is filled with dark wood and the soccer posters and banners you'd find in a football-crazed pub in England. The mood is very much that of a dark hideaway where outnumbered U.S. fans of the world's favorite game can meet and cheer Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur FC without drawing questioning looks from fans of American football. It's too bad the food, or at least the burger we had, was so uninteresting. We ordered the basic cheeseburger ($6.75), and was frankly amazed at how tasteless it was when it arrived. It wasn't bad to look at, arriving with a very attractive setup of garnishes, tomato, pickle spears, leaf lettuce, and a few raw onion circles, but there was really no taste in the Angus beef patty (it looked like a half-pounder; the waitress had no idea. She was pretty sure it wasn't char-grilled.) It was cooked to order, but it arrived just lukewarm and pretty much juiceless. We had a slice of white American cheese, but ended up almost wishing we had opted for their "meatless burger option," a sauted portabello mushroom served with gouda cheese, garlic mayonnaise, and an avocado ($7.50). The coleslaw was pretty much without taste, too, and cut in long, rough strands of cabbage that effectively defeated our efforts to get them on a fork and eaten in any orderly manner. And the coffee tasted bad. Our advice: Come here for a cold one and a hot game.

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