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Hinshaw Rock n Gems

1232 S. County Road 650 W
French Lick  Indiana  47432
United States
(812) 936-7255
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Kendra L. Williams
In the hills outside French Lick, a ramshackle-looking workshop holds a stunning array of handmade jewelry that shines with sterling silver and polished stones.

We'll be honest. When we followed our GPS southeast of French Lick Resort out to Hinshaw Rock n Gems and pulled up the gravel driveway, our hearts sank a little. Owners Merrill and Janis Hinshaw live in a tidy house in the country, but the shop on the property where they sell Merrill's lapdiary work (that's the fancy name for polishing stones for jewelry) looks pretty humble. Cars park kind of willy-nilly near a wood pile and several sheds; the shop itself is a half-moon kind of structure with a stone and vinyl facade. But once you step inside, you understand how this kind couple has been able to carve a living out of selling jewelry for more than 50 years. The earrings, bracelets and pendants are nothing short of spectacular. We couldn't resist curlicue sterling silver earrings and actually bought two pairs for $69 each (no two pieces are alike) and a bracelet for $15.95. We stopped short of splurging on a $325 pink-stone pendant flanked with similar silver curlicues that was about the size of half of your palm, but took a picture of it for a "maybe, someday" purchase. For a great souvenir of French Lick, women who love unique jewelry can't do better than this. The shop is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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