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Fountain Acres Foods

1140 W. Whitewater Rd.
Fountain City  Indiana  47341
United States
(765) 847-1897
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Midwest Living Review

Damaine Vonada
Customers gladly drive into the eastern Indiana countryside to shop at Fountain Acres Foods, an Amish general store with a marvelous selection of baked goods and deli items.

Through a window at the back of Fountain Acres Foods, you can watch Amish ladies in the spic-and-span kitchen deftly rolling out pie crusts and getting angel foods cakes ready to join the sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, whoopie pies, cookies and assorted breads on the store's shelves. You also can buy swing sets, outdoor furniture and potted plants at Fountain Acres, but food is the main attraction at this Amish country store just outside of Fountain City, Indiana. Owner Steve Miller stocks the usual Amish store basics: bulk foods and spices, candy, noodles and hard-to-find specialties like dandelion jelly. But he also offers a deli with an incredible variety of attractively priced meats and cheeses, from classic aged cheddar and Dutch loaf to unusual cranberry white cheddar and salsa string cheese. Also excellent is the store's produce, much of it from local farms. Whatever you buy, you'll feel like you got away with a steal: $2.50 for a loaf of green onion cheese bread, $6.99 for a whole pie, $2.75 for a pan of sticky buns, or a sack of gorgeous peaches for $8.

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