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Dull's Tree Farm

1765 W. Blubaugh Ave.
Thorntown  Indiana  46071
United States
(765) 325-2418
(765) 325-2417
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    - Danny Lee
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    - Danny Lee

Midwest Living Review

Danny Lee
Their website says it best: Brighten your holiday with a visit to Dull's!

Dull's Tree Farm may not have a big sign to draw your attention, but it's still pretty easy to find in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas: just look for a long line of vehicles along Blubaugh Avenue with Christmas trees strapped to their roofs. Dull's is a crowd-pleaser, especially for families. Grab a handsaw and rolling cart and head out to the groves, where you can choose from Canaan fir, Norway spruce, Scotch pine and white pine to cut down and take home. (Prices are $4-$8 per foot.) But don't drive out in the country just to play George Washington. There is also a charming gift shop and refreshment area, both housed in fireplace-warmed authentic log cabins. Or stop in the wreath barn to have an evergreen decoration made to order by friendly artisans such as Jody Durham, who takes a week of vacation every year to pitch in at Dull's. "These people have been my friends for a long time," says Jody, describing the family atmosphere. You can also take a hayride, sit around the fire pit, and check out the sheep and llama in the animal pens. Ready to warm up? Explore the hayloft of a big red barn, complete with hand-hewn beams, a straw-bale fort (with tunnels!), and a tube-chute that speeds your return to the ground floor.

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