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Dot's Custom Cakes and Catering

101 Busseron St.
Vincennes  Indiana  47591
United States
(812) 882-1973
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    - Ashley Petry

Midwest Living Review

A small-town diner, Dot's specializes in one of Indiana's signature foods: a deep-fried pork tenderloin sandwich, the slab of meat as large as the plate.

Dot's Custom Cakes and Catering doesn't sound like the place to get a great pork tenderloin sandwich, but the locals swear by it -- with good reason. The sandwich, with a slab of meat as large as the plate, is prepared perfectly: pounded thin, breaded in a simple salt and pepper batter and deep-fried until the edges are crispy. At just $5.50, it's a cheap way to enjoy one of Indiana's signature foods. Unfortunately, not all of the food at Dot's is as appetizing as the pork tenderloin. The fries (an extra $1.60) were limp, and the BLT was soggy. So stick with the excellent pork tenderloin or choose the lunch special, often a down-home favorite like fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Another drawback: Because the dining area doubles as a banquet hall, it lacks the charm and character of a traditional small-town diner. If you'd prefer that kind of atmosphere (and don't mind missing out on the area's best tenderloin), head down the street to Pea-Fections or the Olde Thyme Diner. But if you're looking for a great example of a true Indiana specialty, this is your place. As a bonus, Dot's is in the same building as the old-fashioned St. Louis Soda Shop, so a nostalgic dessert is only steps away.

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