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Power House Brewing Co./Columbus Bar

322 Fourth St.
Columbus  Indiana  47201
United States
(812) 375-8800
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Midwest Living Review

Danny Lee
Look for traditional fare with a modern flair at the Power House Brewing Co./Columbus Bar.

It's easy to mistake the Power House Brewing Co./Columbus Bar for any other street corner eatery -- until you get inside. Even then you might overlook the modern art on the walls, the craft brews listed on the menu board, and maybe take seriously the tongue-in-cheek old sign saying No Smoking Before 8 p.m. (it's no smoking at any time), and conclude you've walked into a greasy spoon of the old style. You'd be about half right; the building went up in 1890 and has been known as the Columbus Bar (CB for short) since 1939. But the food is greasy-spoonish only in the best sense -- comforting and delicious. Try the black bean burger ($6.99), the ahi tuna sandwich ($6.99) or the famous Mile-High fish sandwich ($6.99). The tenderloin (hand-breaded on site or grilled to order) has twice been mentioned in the "New York Times" -- favorably. The area's strong German heritage is also acknowledged with menu options like kraut balls ($3.99, sausage, kraut, onions and cream cheese rolled in panko bread crumbs and fried to golden brown) and JagerSchnitzel ($9.99, pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy.) Two small dining rooms, one for families and the other for adults, seat about 85. On the adult side, featuring an original horseshoe-shape bar, a small beer brewing setup occupies a corner, and owner and brewmaster Jon Myers will be happy to tell you about the several varieties produced, including White River Brown, Jack the Bum Pale Ale and Diesel Oil Stout. But don't drink more than your share; they don't make all that much. "We call it a nano-brewery," Jon laughs. The adjoining family dining room is more welcoming and comfortable than the bar side.

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