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The Trojan Horse

100 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington  Indiana  47408
United States
(812) 332-1101
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    - Danny Lee
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    - Danny Lee
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    - Danny Lee

Midwest Living Review

Danny Lee
The only surprises inside this Greek restaurant are good ones -- as in tasty and delicious.

The Trojan Horse Restaurant has been a Bloomington institution so long you almost expect to find gullible Ancient Greece 101 students inside looking for term paper help. That's not on the menu, but lots of other great stuff is. The gyros (Super G $8.25, regular $6.50), for example, keep the "The Horse" near the top of returning alums' must stop-in list with its savory combination of cooked-on-site ground gyros meat (60 percent beef, 40 percent lamb -- watch them cook and carve it in the front window), fresh onions, tomatoes and tangy tzatziki sauce. In keeping with its longtime place of honor on the southeast corner of the Bloomington square, The Trojan Horse also has more monumental offerings such as the moussaka dinner ($17.50), a traditional meat sauce and eggplant casserole topped with custard, or lamb kabob ($9.50 or $16 for one or two skewers) with mushrooms, red peppers and onions served over a bed of rice. Traditional desserts like baklava ($4, a la mode $5.25) or ambrosia (yogurt, walnuts and honey $4) await those up to the task. The mood is dim, casual and relaxed, with simple, high-backed wooden booths, I.U. athletics memorabilia and the occasional aquatic display left from the venue's prehistory as a seafood restaurant. A friendly bar upstairs in the back provides an even more casual atmosphere.

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