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Antique Showrooms in the Mews

531 Church St.
New Harmony  Indiana  47631
United States
(812) 682-3490
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Ashley Petry
With a large selection of clothes, home decor and gourmet foods, the Antique Showrooms in the Mews defy the stereotype of the dusty, junky antique shop.

If you ask for shopping suggestions in New Harmony, many people will recommend you visit "the Mews," as in the Antique Showrooms in the Mews. One woman described it as the epicenter of New Harmony retail, and we're inclined to agree. The store combines four Victorian shop fronts into one sprawling boutique, offering jewelry, designer clothes, gourmet foods, contemporary home decor and high-end antiques. Like most small towns, New Harmony has its share of dusty, junky antique shops, so this was a welcome surprise. Each room at the Mews has a distinct character, and it is a real pleasure to explore.

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