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The Midway Drive-In Theater and Diner

91 Palmyra Rd.
Dixon  Illinois  61021
United States
(847) 647-3124
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Midwest Living Review

This is a must-do for anyone who has never experienced the fun of watching a movie from the seat of their front car -- or wants to relive the memories.

There's something about the communal experience of watching a movie under the stars that makes a trip to the Midway Drive-in Theater special and worth the effort. Yes, part of the allure is nostalgia. Owners Mike and Mia Kerz have done a great job of restoring the Midway to its 1950s glory. But part of it is the allure that made drive-in theaters appealing in the first place -- a summer-only experience that lets you be outside with family and friends.The Midway shows first-run movies, and these days you tune in to a station on your radio to get the sound. Not only does the $7.50 admission price get you two or three movies but also cartoons and coming attractions for old movies. Plus, if the kids get bored, there's a playground area just below the huge screen.The concession stand/diner is the way the Midway earns money to keep going. In addition to the standard popcorn/candy/soda fare, they also sell hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, hamburgers, fries, onion rings, ice cream and other items.

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