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4542 N. Prospect Rd.
Peoria Heights  Illinois  61616
United States
(309) 966-1035

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Karen Sorensen
Salt sets a high standard for sophisticated dining in Peoria, but when it gets crowded, the noise levels are almost intolerable.

This eclectic, avant-garde restaurant brings Peoria-area dining to a new level with careful attention to detail in both the menu and the interior. The decor highlights a lit-from-within bar top, wine racks bathed in scarlet light and two-dimensional wire art on the walls.

The food is an interesting array of choices heavy on the seafood and creative when it comes to meat-based entrees like porchetta with pomegranate reduction and mustard jus, or bison loin glazed with lingonberry sauce and served with smashed Yukon potatoes. We highly recommend the slider trio appetizer ($12)—salmon burger, duck confit and fried green tomato—as well as the lobster mac and cheese. The slider starter was a meal in itself, and though the salmon and duck variations were delicious, the fried green tomato mini sandwich with sweet tomato marmalade impressed us the most. As for the mac and cheese? Wow. The white cheddar sauce pairs perfectly with generous chunks of lobster and bits of garlic and shallots. Compared to some of the higher-priced entrees, this was a bargain at $24.The only miss of our meal was an underwhelming short-rib ravioli ($20).

Salt’s dining room is exceptionally dark, and the red accent lighting won’t appeal to everyone. It didn’t bother us, but the extraordinarily high noise level did. We had to shout at each other through part of the meal; it was a relief when the room started to clear out and the sound level became more tolerable. For a restaurant that has invested so much money in creating a memorable atmosphere, we thought it strange not to consider some carpeting or acoustic tiles.

May 26, 2012

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