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Lake County Fielders

Northeast corner of Route 173 and Green Bay Road
Zion  Illinois  60099
United States
The Gurnee Mills Mall
6170 W. Grand Avenue, Unit 197
Gurnee  Illinois  60031
United States
(847) 731-8000
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    - Manya Kaczkowski
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    - Manya Kaczkowski

Midwest Living Review

Manya Kaczkowski
Enjoy three-legged races, Shiny Tooth Man and Lucky the Field Dog for $5. And there's baseball, too.

The Lake County Fielders, Kevin Costner's new minor-league team in Zion, Illinois, is hitting a home run with the fans. The games are old-fashioned and fun, with lots of activities between innings to keep the interest of the crowd. Kids can get on the field in a three-legged race or dance around with Lucky the Field Dog, the friendly mascot. It's a great place to spend an evening with the family or with a few friends, and at just $5 a ticket, you'll have enough left over for some refreshments. Besides the baseball game, highlights of an evening at the park include watching Shiny Tooth Man (you just have to see him to believe it!) clean off the bases with a gigantic toothbrush. You'll also have fun doing the "YMCA" dance with all the other fans in the stands. Food and drink vendors behind the bleachers offer hot dogs, brats, popcorn and the like, or you can get a cheeseburger from the Billy Goat Tavern stand (made famous by the "Saturday Night Live" skit "Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, pepsi, chips!"). Cold beer is available, too, and if you don't stock up on food and drink before the game, they'll bring it right to you in the stands. Because the field is new (the first game was played July 2, 2010), there are some improvements yet to be made: no permanent bathrooms yet, just portable toilets, and parking is not a good experience. The nearby parking lot is full of big holes, gravel, dirt and weeds, and cost just as much as a ticket. There was a less-expensive lot off nearby Green Bay Road that would be worth a look. All in all, though, these are minor inconveniences; a Fielders game is worth it.

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