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The following events were supplied to us by festival organizers and tourism offices throughout the state, and selected by Midwest Living editors. This is not intended as an all-inclusive list of all events in this state. If you decide to go, call first: Dates and specific events can change at the last minute.

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Murder Mystery on French Lick Scenic Railway

March 25 & 28, 2015

The Disoriented Express is always fully booked.  Even now, in 1938, with war booming menacingly on the horizon, her coaches are always packed with the traveling rich and famous making their way from Istanbul to Constantinople.  The train has excelled in reliability and punctuality over the years, but today that is all about to change.  A famous rocket designer known as Werner Von Black, has been discovered in his sleeping compartment - DEAD.  The only questions is...who killed him?; (800)-748-7246


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