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Log Cabin Steakhouse

210 N. Main St.
Galena  Illinois  61036
United States
(815) 777-0393
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    - Karen Sorensen
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    - Karen Sorensen
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    - Karen Sorensen
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    - Karen Sorensen

Midwest Living Review

Karen Sorensen
It's hard not to be pulled in to the Log Cabin Steakhouse, with its great old-fashioned neon sign out front, but what you get in nostalgia won't equal the less-than-impressive meal.

Log Cabin Steakhouse's claim to fame is that it's the oldest restaurant in Galena, having been in business since 1937. That said, it's entirely possible this restaurant hasn't been remodeled since 1937 either. That's part of its charm, but it may also be part of its problem. It bills itself as a "Greek" steakhouse, meaning that all of the grilled meats can be done Greek style, with a marinade of olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and other ingredients. But to us it was more like Greek diner: salad dressing from a bottle, sour cream served in a plastic cup with a lid, a tasteless roll served in a plastic basket, that sort of thing. The good news is you can get almost any steak here for less than $26. The bad news is it might not be much of a steak. Edible, yes, but forgettable. If you're looking for a better deal, sample the pork chops instead. These are done just right -- great flavor, juicy and tender, and a good deal at $17.95. Regardless of what you order, you won't go home hungry. Every entree comes with a relish tray (carrots, celery and radishes), rolls, a salad, and a choice of baked potato, hash browns or French fries.

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