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AJ's Copper Gallery and Metal Gallery

303 S. Main St.
Galena  Illinois  61036
United States
(815) 777-4000
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    - Karen Sorensen
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    - Karen Sorensen
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    - Karen Sorensen
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    - Karen Sorensen
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Karen Sorensen
This store is a do-not-miss for shoppers, who will be intrigued by the botanical garden of brightly hued tulips, frogs, dragonflies and snails inside.

Is it some sort of strange, untamed garden or an art gallery selling handmade copper flowers, birds, trees and every other type of flora and fauna in between? Actually, it's a little of both. You've likely never seen a store quite like this. There no shelves but there is one large almost parklike display that takes up the bulk of the shop, exhibiting their goods in a way that helps you conjure up how they might look in your own garden. The colors are brilliant and otherworldly, and some of the flowers so large they must be on steroids. Equally delightful are the smaller items -- dragonflies, frogs, bats -- that you'll find in among the larger displays or hanging from spinning mobiles. They also make some lovely wall displays. The prices are up there, but copper is an expensive medium, and these pieces are meant to last. The paint they use is made for motorcycles, which means there will be no fading in the sun. Even if this is not your cup of tea art-wise, it's impossible to pass this store and not want to check out its wares more closely. They also have a store in the Homestead, Iowa, and in the Amana Colonies.

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