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Timeless Toys

4749 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago  Illinois  60625
United States
(773) 334-4445
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    - Kit Bernardi
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    - Kit Bernardi

Midwest Living Review

Santa would approve of this old-fashioned shop that stimulates creative play.

This old-fashioned toy store in Lincoln Square just makes you smile, recalling childhood hours of unfettered playtime fueled by pure imagination. Timeless Toys is like a predigital age Santa's workshop loaded with wooden blocks, pogo sticks, dress-up costumes, puppets, board games, marbles, baby dolls, trains, miniature tree houses, pirate ships, scooters and musical instruments. Former actors in the vibrant Chicago theater scene, Harry and Martha Borrows stock their 15-year-old shop with back-to-basic toys that stimulate creative play. You won't find cartoon action figures or many electronic toys in this store known for its specialty toy manufacturers from Germany, England, Thailand and the United States. Brands include Nuchi wooden toys, Folkmanis puppets, Thomas & Friends railway systems, Enchantmints, Schleich and Papo. Timeless Toys has an expansive young-readers' department offering classic children's books and literature. The bins by the cash register overflow with tiny toys and novelties, some for less than $5.

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