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The Museum of Broadcast Communications

360 N. State St.
Chicago  Illinois  60611
United States
(312) 245-8200

Midwest Living Review

Tanveer Ali
With the help of audio, video and familiar relics, this shrine to all things radio and television will enthrall those prone to nostalgia.

Banking on the shared American experiences made possible by broadcasting, this museum caters to people harboring fond memories of sitting in front of the television or radio with family. The relics from sets of famous television shows (the double doors Oprah walked through at the start of every show and costumes and props from the Bozo the Clown, to name just two examples) are awe-inspiring.

Though the facility could use a few more interactive features and immersion opportunities, especially where children are concerned, the exhibits are informative and engaging. Video touchscreens dot both main floors of the museum—one dedicated to the history of television and one to Radio Hall of Fame personalities—allowing visitors to see and listen to past broadcasts and inductees. Overall, the $12 entry fee is worth it, if only because the museum does a good job of conveying important facts and trivia about all of our favorite shows.


October 11, 2012

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