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Second City Pizza Tours

730 N. Rush
Chicago  Illinois  60611
United States
(773) 242-0084
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    - Karen Sorensen

Midwest Living Review

Don't waste your time or money on this dud of a tour, which has you running from pizza place to pizza place but offers no insight into one of Chicago's main culinary delights.

You might be expecting the ultimate pizza experience when you take this $36 tour, because Chicago and pizza go hand-in-hand, right? But you would be wrong -- unless you like wolfing down a slice in five minutes before dashing on foot to another pizza joint. I'm not saying it's the pizza's fault. It's the process. You know you're in trouble when you meet in front of Giordano's, one of Chicago's best-known pizza restaurants, and you're served a slice of two-inch-thick stuffed pizza on a plastic foam plate -- while you're standing outside. On this day, the tour took us to Castel Gandolfo, Gino's East and Pizzeria Uno (all of which let us inside!). We moved from one place to another at a pretty good clip, which means we didn't get info on where we were going, what we were seeing along the way or anything else that might have seemed intriguing about this cool area of town. Castel Gandolfo served us soggy margarita pizza in a musty room. Not pleasant. At Gino's East we ate pan pizza covered with a pretty good sauce and lots of sausage. Good, but not the Gino's pizza of yesteryear when they baked the pie on a memorable cornmeal-base crust. Of the four restaurants, Pizzeria Uno offered the most appealing atmosphere coupled with a good quality product. All in all, the tour doesn't deliver anything but four not-that-great slices of pie. So save your $36, visit one of the Windy City's myriad excellent pizza places, and ask your waiter to tell you about the restaurant. Your money will be better spent.

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