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Three Aces

1321 W. Taylor St.
Chicago  Illinois  60607
United States
(312) 243-1577
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    - Kate Silver
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    - Kate Silver

Midwest Living Review

Kate Silver
The butterscotch doughnuts with bacon brittle are a modern twist on bacon with maple syrup -- sweet, savory and delicious.

Doughnuts seem like the least likely item to appear on a Bar Bites menu at a rockabilly bar in Chicago's University Village neighborhood. But when we consider the other items on that menu --pork fried nuts, duck fat chips with fennel pollen, marinated olives with feta and parsley, popcorn with scallions, parmesan and roasted garlic hot sauce -- the butterscotch doughnuts with bacon brittle actually begin to make sense. It's a gourmet twist on comfort food and flirts with the idea of bacon and maple syrup. The made-to-order cake donuts are lightly coated in a sweet, sticky sauce, which has clumps of sugar pockmarked with an occasional bacon bit -- just enough to leave a savory aftertaste, without hitting you over the head with the proverbial bacon slab. The $4 serving comes with two palm-size doughnuts and two quarter-size holes (waste not want not), and it is easily enough to share; although, after the first bite, we didn't really want to.

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