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The Gage

24 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago  Illinois  60603
United States
(312) 372-4243
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Kate Silver
You'll find this to be a great tourist location without the tourist prices (and great pub food, too).

There is a cadre of restaurants in and around the Loop competing, at all price points, for tourist dollars. The Gage is one of the best options. Just steps away from Millennium Park, this upscale yet down-to-earth gastropub feels fancy without breaking the bank. And their $10 burger is a bargain, especially considering the location and atmosphere. There are just two burger options on the menu: The Regular ($11) comes with your choice of cheese (Swiss, blue, cheddar) and standard tomato, lettuce, onion. The Gage ($16) is a USDA prime burger with local Camembert cheese and melted onion marmalade on a toasted Malt Roll. We were tempted to try the latter, but the waiter actually talked us out of it, saying that the strong cheese is a turnoff for many people, and for the price difference the regular, he said, is a better deal and a better burger. So we listened. And we ate. And we won. The bun was soft, fresh and so delicious we would eat it plain. The burger was thick, juicy and topped with a melting slab of cheddar (enough to share with the fries, even). The fries were a perfect golden, served in their own bowl along with a small demitasse of ketchup. The presentation was far beyond what we would expect of a burger, and $10 (including cheese and fries) is impressive for such a high tourist traffic area. The Gage is perfect for families with varying tastes. If you're not in the mood for a burger, creative options abound, including comfort foods, such as chicken and giant noodle soup ($7), house roasted brisket sandwich ($15), locally crafted sausages ($17), o the more adventurous scotch egg ($8), lamb stew vindaloo ($15), pork belly Reuben ($13)) Then again, that burger may be the best bargain on the menu.

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