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Roeser's Bakery

3216 W. North Ave.
Chicago  Illinois  60647
United States
(773) 489-6900
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    - Kate Silver
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    - Kate Silver
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Kate Silver
The oldest family-owned bakery in town combines doughnuts with strawberry shortcake, and the result is divine.

Roeser's Bakery is the oldest family bakery in Chicago; it celebrates its centennial this year. During our visit, as the second and third generation train the fourth generation, we could actually overhear family members in the store talking to customers about how bakery founder John Roeser used to deliver his products by horse and wagon. With its neon sign and low-frills decor -- primarily of cookies and cakes -- the store, located in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, has a decidedly old-fashioned appeal. That sentiment spills over to many of its doughnuts. There are classics like raspberry Bismarcks ($1.08), custard Bismarcks, ($1.08), chocolate ($1.08), and those with a more creative twist like the red velvet doughnut ($1.08) and the strawberry glazed doughnut ($1.96). We opted to go the creative route, and with just one bite of the strawberry glazed, were we glad we did. This is the bakery's standout. It resembles the collision of a glazed doughnut and strawberry shortcake: whole, glazed strawberries shine forth from the doughnut's hole, making it almost look healthy and taste heavenly. The red velvet, a deep burgundy cake doughnut with a sweet heft and thick white icing, was less memorable. But with treats like that strawberry doughnut, we hope that this bakery eventually celebrates 200 years.

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