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Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop

322 S. Halsted St.
Chicago  Illinois  60661
United States
(312) 454-1886
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    - Robert Loerzel

Midwest Living Review

This friendly spot in Greektown is filled with wonderful cookies, baklava and traditional Greek pastries.

Pan Hellenic packs a lot of baked goods, including baklava (of course) and a variety of breads, pastries and cookies, in a small space. It's a friendly neighborhood spot, where you may see folks standing around and chatting. For customers unfamiliar with traditional Greek pastries, the employees helpfully answer questions, and samples of some goods are sitting out on the counter. The baklava here gets rave reviews from many customers, and at Christmas, the kourabiedes cookies are outstanding -- soft and chewy. Another tradition at Christmas and Easter is tsoureki, a bread baked in a twisted shape that looks something like a mammoth pretzel. The almond-covered tsoureki at Pan Hellenic is light with just a touch of sweetness and a tinge of citrus flavor.

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