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M Burger

161 East Huron
Chicago  Illinois  60611
United States
(312) 254-8500
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Midwest Living Review

Kit Bernardi
Not the typical take-out burger joint, M Burger serves up prime beef patties, crispy fries and lung-popping shakes with a big side of Michigan Avenue eye candy.

Chicagoans are lining up for juicy burgers, hand-cut fries and malts at M Burger on Huron just east of Michigan Avenue. The tiny burger joint (occupying gourmet Tru restaurant's former pastry kitchen) serves top-grade beef singles, $2.49, and double-decker patty sandwiches, $3.69, on a puffy, warm bun (vegetarian and chicken sandwiches available). Choose your fixings, including shredded lettuce, American cheese, pickle slices (dill), ketchup, mayo and mustard. Thick as gloppy wet cement, the malts ($2.99) come in five flavors, including seasonal slurps. From sleek, graphic ecofriendly packaging to hipsters in black tees flipping the patties behind the counter, M Burger sandwiches come with a big side of style. People-watching makes the 10-minute wait for your burger at peak lunch hour go by quick. Docs in scrubs, execs in all black, models, and fireman with tats line up for good grease. Patrons can sit at the eight-person counter inside along the black-and-white subway tile wall (a mirror band is eye level capturing 360-degree views) or outside at one of the picnic tables (made of recyclable materials) to check out the patron parade.

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