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Flirty Cupcakes

324 N. Leavitt
Chicago  Illinois  60612
United States
(312) 852-4441
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Midwest Living Review

Yes, it's a gimmick, but you'll definitely want to find this cupcake truck and treat yourself.

The owners of Flirty Cupcakes have modeled their business on the ice cream trucks that go from neighborhood to neighborhood selling sweet treats. But instead of using a loudspeaker blaring music, they get the word out by posting their locations daily on their website, Facebook and Twitter and by sending out daily e-mails and texts.Launched in spring 2010, the van (light blue, with a pink cupcake painted on the side) sells seven varieties with such clever names as the McDreamy (chocolate with a chocolate and cream cheese frosting and filling), the Curious George (chocolate banana with salted caramel Italian buttercream frosting) and Coconut Nuts (coconut cupcake with toasted coconut frosting). Our first reaction was to be impressed by how moist the cupcakes were. The second was to be impressed at how smart they were to make them each so distinctly different. The hands-down winner surprised us. It was the red velvet cupcake, which was the perfect match for the cream cheese frosting that, amazingly, tasted like cream cheese (so often, it's more like vanilla with a faint nod to cream cheese). The McDreamy, which we were certain would be the winner, was good, to be sure, but we like the light, more unusual flavor of the red velvet cake.At $3.25 for one or $5.25 for four minis, they're not cheap, but worth every penny -- and the effort you'll go to to track them down. You'll find them in downtown Chicago on most weekdays, and they also journey out to the Chicago suburbs on weekends. We caught up with them in Forest Park and might've missed them had it not been for the line of people standing alongside the van. And now that we've tried two cupcakes and a set of four minis, we're almost glad we don't work in downtown Chicago, or we'd be seeking these out way too often.

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